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The ultimate operamini

All atomatic free gprs in airtel and docomo

We have at last created the ultimate opera mini
with countless features
file browser,mp3 player, password protection, private browsing... And many many more.

The best feature is the fully automatic free super fast 3g speed gprs for airtel and docomo
no need to fill anything

with blazing fast and cool theme
The operamini xe mod edition by

we created this mutent operamini

..x men edition..

Downlod it from the link on our site

the file is .zip one and rename it to .jar
and use it

any help just comment here..

The operamini xe mod by

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[2011-06-19 16:25] Kukku:

Can't change .zip to .jar

[2011-06-19 03:12] lord:

aday just rename it {its cool

[2011-06-19 02:24] Kukku:

Plz upload jar file

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