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Tata Docomo Users Good Info Now don't pay for vuclip 2011

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Now don't pay for vuclip (Specially TATA DOCOMO GPRS users)
Hello Friends,
In our daily life every mobileGPRS user likes to download videos from different sites using GPRS in mobile.
Like for computer internet users which one is the best website to view all kinds of videos....?
Of course you all people must say that is YouTube .
And What for mobile......? Which is popular like YouTube.....?
The answer is Vuclip. I agree that Youtube us world-famous but According to survey by worldwide mobile-experts in 2011, Vuclip is the only website which is accessedafter YouTube for downloading videos in Mobile.
Now in India all the telecom operators give free access to vuclip if you have a sufficient GPRS pack activated previously leaving only TATA DOCOMO.
All TATA DOCOMO users know that TATA DOCOMO charge 1p/1KB and in roaming 10p/10kb for Vuclip ; it means default browsing charges even you have GPRS pack activated.
And even fort PC too. Start vuclip in PC browser using docomo gprs or 3g. Access that site and then check yourbalance. Then don't shock.
So its very painful for TATA DOCOMO users. The reason behind this no one knows leaving MR. RATAN TATA .
Now no need to pay for Vuclipspecailly TATA DOCOMo users.
Use these 2 mobile websites ifyou are a TATA Docomo user.
Both are similar to vuclip and and some more advanced that vuclip.

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is it true?

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